Direct Payments

What is a Direct Payment?

Direct Payments allow you to have the money to buy the care you need and choose individually tailored support. This payment enables you to take control of decisions that affect your life.

Direct payments will be discussed when you have an assessment from a member of our team. If a direct payment is suitable for you, money is allocated to arrange services that meet support needs.

Our staff will confirm exactly how the funds can be spent on and also talk to you about how to budget the money, ensuring you can pay for the care you need.

Who are Direct Payments for?

Direct payments are for anyone who has eligible care and support needs; this will be decided after an assessment by the Council. A person would need to be willing and able to manage their own services either alone or with support.

How do I get Direct Payments?

Speak to your worker when you discuss your care needs with them. Tell them that you are interested in Direct Payments.

Is there a charge?

There is a charging policy for people aged over 18. How much you contribute will depend on your income. Our team will discuss with you arrangements for paying the contribution

How can I find out more?

Telephone Support Options on 01274 434191

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