Community Care Vouchers

What are Community Care Vouchers (CCV)?

A Community Care Voucher is a voucher which will help to cover the cost of a break to help you, or a person you care for to spend a short time in a residential home.

This may be because you want a short break where your meals are cooked and there’s plenty of company to enjoy or it may be because the person who normally cares for you is going on holiday or needs a break themselves.

Who are Community Care Vouchers for?

You can get Community Care Vouchers if you:

  • are an older person or have a disability 
  • are being cared for at home 
  • need a change or a break 
  • have a carer who needs a rest

The vouchers are for people who have savings of less than £23,250 and who need to spend a short time in a residential Home.

Other schemes and activities

There are other schemes in place that offer options for support, more information is included in the links below

When can I use a Community Care Voucher?

This can be whenever you, or your carer, need it but also assuming there is a place available which can take you as there are a limited number of places available for respite care. It can be for one night or several days.

Where are the breaks held?

You can choose any residential home in the Bradford area that is taking part in the scheme. You decide on the dates and periods you prefer. Assuming the Home you choose can take you; you then make the arrangements to go in for your stay.

We will, of course, help or advise if you want us to.

How can I apply for a Community Care Voucher?

When you contact us, a worker will come and see you to talk about what you need, this is called an assessment. If you are looking after someone else, the care manager will discuss how we can best help you too.

After the assessment is completed and the voucher scheme is right for you, you will be given a number of vouchers which you can then use. Your carers or family will help you decide how best to use the vouchers.

How do I get there/access the service?

At the assessment we will speak to you about your need for transport to access services and if we can provide support.

Is there a charge?

Each voucher is for one night’s stay, but the voucher will not completely cover the cost. You will need to make a contribution yourself. This amount changes each year, so you will need to check with your worker how much it is now. There is no help with this cost.

How do I access the service?

You can speak to your worker or contact the Adult Services Access Point.

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Contact details

Adult Services Access Point

Phone : 01274 435400

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