Time Out

What is Time Out?

Time Out is a service which provides support to carers and the people they care for, for a few hours at a time.

Time Out staff:

  • provide relief to carers on a regular basis 
  • visit people in their own homes 
  • provide companionship and supervision so that carers can take ‘Time Out’ 
  • help people to remain in their own homes 
  • help with drinks, chat, read, play dominoes etc.

Who is Time Out for?

Carers who may need a break from caring, you may need time to:

  • go shopping 
  • visit friends and family 
  • follow an interest or hobby 
  • sleep or rest

Who provides Time Out?

Time Out is part of the department of Adult & Community Services. The Scheme has a large team of casual workers employed by Time Out who are carefully chosen and matched to the person they are visiting

When is Time Out provided?

Typically, this will be for a couple of sessions a week of between two and four hours, but this can be longer according to need. This time can be between 7am and midnight, including weekends. We are not able to provide overnight sessions at the moment.

How do I apply?

You will need an assessment from a Care Manager team member to access the Time Out Service

Contact Adult Services Access Point to arrange an assessment.

What happens after the assessment?

Once Time Out receive the referral a member of the team will come to visit you and find out a bit more about your interests and what sort of person would be a good match for you or the person you care for.

We will then introduce you to someone we think you will get on with. If it does not work out , we can look for someone else.

Is there a charge?

You may need to contribute to the cost of the Time Out Service.

Can I get help with the cost?

This depends on your personal circumstances.

A financial assessment will be carried out and we will let you know what help is available.

Do the Time Out Workers have any training?

All Time Out Workers are fully checked and assessed by Time Out staff. They have to attend training and have annual reviews as well as regular contact from their worker.

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Contact details

Adult Services Access Point

Phone : 01274 435400

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