What is an assessment?

This information is for a person who needs care and support. The Care Act allows people who are carers to be able to have an assessment from the Council. More information is available in the carers section of this website.

An assessment is how we decide whether a person needs care and support to help them live their day-to-day life.

Assessments are carried out by an assessor who has been fully trained to complete it. This could be a social worker. The assessment covers a number of factors, such as:

  • a person’s needs and how they impact on their wellbeing - this could be a need for help with getting dressed or support to get to work
  • what matters to a person - for example, if someone is lonely and want to make new friends
  • a person’s other circumstances - if they live alone or if they have someone to support them

The aim is to understand a person and what needs and goals they may have.

After an assessment is carried out the assessor will then consider if any of the needs identified are eligible for support.

How do we determine who has eligible needs?

After an assessment has been completed, we determine if a person is eligible for care and support. The assessor will look at regulations that set the national minimum threshold for eligibility, which are the same across England.

The Care Act gives guidance to the assessor about what people’s day-to-day outcomes such as dressing, maintaining personal relationships and working or going to school.

Where the person has eligible needs, and wants our help to meet them, then we will discuss the person’s care and support plan with them. In all cases, we must give people advice and information about what support is available in the community to help them.

How do I get an assessment?

Contact the Adult Services Access Point to arrange an assessment.

What happens after an assessment?

The appointed assessor will discuss with the individual the outcome of the assessment, which will highlight the support needs and discuss with you, the services available and the location of these services. Your social worker will take all your needs into careful consideration and speak to you about the best option for you from a range of options.

Will I get help?

We have limited money to spend and cannot meet all requests for help. In order to be fair to everyone, help is given based on how urgent and important your needs are.

The government has said that we must decide whether the needs are:

  • critical without help you would be at high risk, and your life in danger 
  • substantial without help you would lose your ability to stay independently at home 
  • moderate without help you would become more dependent on other people 
  • low help would improve the quality of your life but without it you are not at risk.

In the Bradford district we have agreed that we can meet needs which are critical or substantial but not those which are moderate or low. This means that in some cases we may not be able to provide all the help you feel you need. We will involve you and anyone who cares for you in the assessment, and we will discuss any difficulties with you. We want to reach agreement with you about what you need. In considering choices about how to meet your needs we have guidance for staff.

Once services start, will they continue?

We will keep in contact with you to see whether the services need to continue, or should be increased or perhaps reduced.

What happens if there are problems?

If you or your carer have any concerns, please discuss these with us so we can sort them out.

If this doesn’t help you have the right to use the formal complaints process.

You can:

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