Short Breaks (Respite Care)

What is respite care?

Respite care is usually a short stay from one to seven days stay in a residential home. People who can access this service include people who have care needs or are carers.

You may need respite care because the person who normally cares for you is going on holiday or needs a break themselves. A short break gives you the option to have your meals cooked for you and there’s plenty of company to enjoy.

Another choice for respite care could be to use the Shared Lives Scheme where you are matched up with a suitable family and go to stay with them for a night or a few days.

Who can get respite care?

You can get respite care if you:

  • are an older person
  • are disabled, including learning and physical disabilities
  • are being cared for at home
  • need a change or a break
  • have a carer who needs a rest

When can I get respite care available?

This can be whenever you, or your carer, need it as long as there is a place available which can take you. There are a limited number of places available for respite care.

Where will I go for respite care?

You have the choice of any residential home in the Bradford Metropolitan District which is taking part in the scheme. Assuming the home you choose can take you; you then make the arrangements to go in for your stay. Bradford Council does not usually provide transport.

If you are using the Shared Lives Scheme they will make the arrangements with you.

How do I apply?

When you get in touch with us, a care manager will come and see you to talk about what you need. This is called an assessment.

If you are looking after someone else, the care manager will discuss how we can best help you too.

We can involve anyone else who needs to be involved, such as your doctor, district nurse, family, other relatives and neighbours etc. This will only be done if you agree.

With the help of your family or carers, you can decide how to use your allocated respite care.

Is there a charge for respite care?

Yes, and it will depend on your financial circumstances. This will normally be explained by your social worker. A financial assessment will also be carried out.

Who can I talk to for more information?

Contact Adult Services Access Point.

Other schemes and activities available

  • Day Care
  • Time Out - this is where someone comes to your home for a few hours to provide companionship, support so your main carer has a bit of a break
  • Compass - this is an alternative to day service. You are matched with one of our Providers and go to spend the day with them at their home or doing activities you enjoy

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