Home Care

What is Home Care?

The Bradford Enablement Support Team (BEST) provides short term support to people who cannot care for themselves easily because they are ill or disabled. The service aims to help you maintain your independence and stay in your own home.

The service is tailored to meet your needs and works with you to set achievable goals to maximise your independence and lasts for up to six weeks and can be planned to meet your support needs 24 hours a day. An action plan will be created and you’ll be supported to reach these goals. The BEST plus service supports service users to achieve therapy goals that are set and monitored by therapists.

We are registered with Care Quality Care Commission (CQC) as a provider of Home Care. You can visit the CQC website to view our rating or ring 03000 616161.

Home Care is sometimes called Enablement.

Who is home care for?

  • older people 
  • people with physical disabilities 
  • people with sensory loss including difficulty with sight and hearing 
  • people with mental health problems 
  • people with learning difficulties

When is the service available?

The BEST service works 24 hours a day. We will do our best to meet the times you would like us to provide home care, but due to the high demands on the service this is not always possible.

Is there a charge?

Currently the BEST service is free for up to the first six weeks. If you receive support from the BEST service for more than six weeks, you will be required to pay for the service. The charge for the service will be based on your financial circumstances which will be assessed to determine what you will pay.

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