Compass Day Care

What is Compass?

Compass is a support service which is for people over the age of 18. Compass aims to provide a personalised service and offers flexibility to those who use it.

Who is Compass for?

Compass is for people who would prefer an alternative to traditional day care, with:

  • a physical or learning disability 
  • sight or hearing loss 
  • struggling due to frailty or illness 
  • mental health needs

How does Compass work?

We will talk to you about your interests, needs and wishes. We will then try to match you with a provider who has similar interests and appropriate skills.

You will be encouraged and supported to develop or maintain existing skills and interests. For example:

  • budgeting, shopping, cooking 
  • walking, golf, bowling, swimming or arts & crafts 
  • visiting museums, galleries, parks or the countryside 
  • find courses which you can study 
  • enable you to attend organised activities

Who provides Compass?

Compass is provided by Bradford Council through the Shared Lives Scheme. Providers are scheme workers who have been assessed, checked, trained and supported to provide a safe and professional service.

When and where is it provided?

The Compass service is available during the day, evenings and weekends. It takes place at a time to suit you based in the home of one of our providers and in the local community.

How do I get to the services?

When we meet with you to identify services that meet your needs we will assess whether you have a need for transport to access services.

How do I access the service?

You will need to be referred to Compass by your social care worker.

What happens next?

When you contact us your information will be passed to a member of the team will arrange to visit you and your family to find out more about your interests and needs.

We will match you to a Provider who has similar interests and appropriate skills. You will meet the Provider before the support starts and choose how you want the support to go ahead.

Is there a charge?

You may need to contribute to the cost of the service. This depends on your personal circumstances so a financial assessment will be carried out and we will let you know what help is available.

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