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City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
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Environment and Planning

Pre-Application Advice for residential and commercial developments

If your proposal requires planning permission, we would encourage you to consult our policies or where applicable obtain pre application advice before submitting a formal planning application.

Planning Advice Documents

The Council has produced a range of supplementary planning documents which provide theme based and site specific advice relating to development proposals.

These documents can be found on the Supplementary Planning Documents page.

Advice on Shopfronts and security measures

Specific advice on shopfronts and security measures can be found on the Shopfront Design Guide webpage

Duty Planning Officer Service

The Duty Planning Officer Service available at Jacob's Well and Keighley Town Hall provides informal advice on planning policy relating to residential and commercial developments and alterations to commercial premises

More information about the Duty Planning Officer service and its hours of operation can be found on the Duty planning officer service page.

Minor Pre Application Advice Service for Residential and Commercial Developments

We can also provide written pre application advice for minor development proposals prior to the submission of a planning application These are defined as being proposals for:

  • For dwellings, minor development is one where the number of dwellings to be constructed is between 1 and 9 inclusive
  • Where the number of dwellings to be constructed is not given in the application, a site area of less than 0.5 hectares should be used as the definition of a minor development
  • For all other uses, such as industrial, office and retail uses, a minor development is one where the floorspace to be built is less than 1,000 square metres or where the site area is less than 1 hectare

The service will also include other applications associated with minor developments, such as listed building consent and conservation area consent.

This is a separate service to the Major Pre Application Advice service.


The provision of pre-application advice requires significant resources. In order to provide a consistent service to a high standard, the Council decided to use discretionary powers in the Local Government Act 2003 to recover the costs incurred.

The standard charge is £150 (including VAT)

This fee includes the planning officer’s time to investigate and feedback in a meeting with the applicant and a final written comment. It also includes the time of any required specialist officer at the meeting and their contribution to the final written advice.

Please note that the fee is for the provision of pre-application advice. It does not count towards the fee for any subsequent planning application. The fee is non-refundable unless the meeting is cancelled by the Council.

The service provides the following benefits:

  • Early indication if a proposal is likely to be acceptable
  • Early identification of the need for specialist input, such as conservation and highway matters
  • Early identification of issues that need to be addressed prior to the submission of a planning application
  • Advice given on the national and local validation requirements
  • Provision on the likelihood of a positive decision being made within the eight week target deadline
  • Reduction in the amount of negotiations and amendments required at the planning application stage.

Information you will receive from us:

  • Confirmation within five working days of receiving your pre-application request that the service is right for the development proposed. The service has the right to decline a request where it is considered not appropriate or unnecessary
  • Indication of the further details required as part of a planning application
  • Within ten working days of receipt of the fee contact will be made to arrange a meeting with the planning officer
  • Within ten working days of the meeting with the planning officer, you will sent written confirmation of the offered advice.

Information required at Pre-Application stage

Sufficient information is required for us to provide you high quality advice. The following is not an exhaustive list, but is a good guide. The more information provided the more comprehensive advice we can give.

The following documents are required ten working days in advance of any meeting with the planning officer.

  • The site boundary clearly marked on a location plan of not less than 1:1250 scale
  • The layout of the site shown on a plan of not less than 1:500
  • Current details of the site, to show features such as trees and landscape features, and adjacent buildings and uses
  • Land ownership details
  • A full and accurate description of the proposal
  • Drawings/sketches of the proposed development, such as elevations, floor plans, access arrangements, materials.


Any pre application advice that has been provided will be carefully considered when reaching a decision or recommendation on an application; subject to the provision that circumstances and information may change or come to light that could alter that position. Any advice given by Council Officers does not constitute a formal response or decision of the Council.

Any views or opinions expressed are in good faith, and to the best of ability, without prejudice to the formal consideration of any planning application which will be subject to public consultation and ultimately decided by the Council.

How to apply for pre application advice

You can apply for pre application advice by submitting the Pre Application Form below.

Submit your request to:
Development Services,
1st Floor Jacob’s Well,
BD1 5RW.

The fee must be paid prior to the meeting. Payment can be made by credit/debit card at Jacob’s Well, and Shipley Town Hall, Keighley Town Hall or Ilkley Town Hall, or by telephoning Development Services on 01274 434605.

Cheques should be made payable to ‘Bradford Council’.

Building Regulations Pre Application Advice

Bradford Building Control Services offers free pre-application advice at the design stage. Please contact the Building Control Team on 01274 433807 for an initial discussion about your proposal or alternatively email us at:

To enable us to provide you with more detailed advice it would be helpful, if you could submit sketch details/draft plans of your proposal for consideration.

Sketch details can be submitted by email to the above address or in writing to:

Building Control
1st Floor South
Jacob's Well