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City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council
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Recycling and waste

Garden waste

Coming Soon

Improvements to the district's kerbside recycling service are to be introduced over the next few years. The improvements are being rolled out from April 2013, you will be informed when changes are occurring in your neighbourhood. One of the changes will be the introduction of a brown bin to replace the green bags currently used.

Please wait to receive information about the changes, until then please continue with the current garden waste service as detailed below.

Find out more information about the Garden Waste Bin service or order a brown bin.

We provide a garden waste collection service to most households in the Bradford district using a reusable green sack. Collections take place every 4 weeks between March and November; please refer to your Collection Calendar or the Online Date Checker. After the collection, your sack will be returned to your property.

What can go in the garden waste sack?

Yes Please!No Thanks
Grass cuttingsPlant pots and seed trays
LeavesWire and plastic plant ties
Hedge clippingsSoil, rubble, stone and turf
Twigs and small branches (cut into small pieces)Glass and metal
WeedsCardboard, plastic and plastic bags
Old garden plantsDog and cat faeces
Food and kitchen waste
Pet bedding and straw

Sacks will not be emptied if they contain household waste or items listed in the No Thanks section above.

Please do not put your garden waste in your normal wheelie bin, help us to recycle it quickly and easily by using the service correctly.

Garden Waste frequently asked questions

What should I do if I miss my collection?
If you miss a collection for any reason, please bulk together your extra garden waste and put it out at your next collection. Alternatively, you can use the large green waste disposal point at your nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre.

What should I do if I have too much garden waste for my bags?
Any additional green garden waste can be placed in alternative bags/containers and they will be emptied at your next collection. Please ensure that they are not too heavy to lift. Any containers and sacks placed out for collection will be returned to your property.

How do I get new/replacement garden waste bags?
Our collection team now carry garden waste bags on their vehicle. Until you get a new bag, please collect any garden waste you have in bin liners. On your next collection day place the bin liners untied at the kerbside. Please then attach a note to the bin liner requesting a new green bag and one will be left for you on the collection day.

What will happen if I put any other material out with my bag?
Any household waste other than green garden waste left out for collection will not be collected by the garden waste team. For more information on how to dispose of excess waste and bulky items, please see the section on bulk waste or call 01274 431000.

Start composting

Composting is an inexpensive, natural process that transforms your kitchen and garden waste into a valuable and nutrient–rich food for your garden. For more information, please see our composting page.

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