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Recycling and waste

Garden Waste Bin

Improvements To Garden Waste Collections

Please note this service is currently only available to residents who have received a garden bin leaflet.

Bradford Council is improving the way we collect your garden waste. You will need to order a brown bin to replace the green bags you currently use.

The changes are due to Bradford Council being successful in our bid for £4.68 million from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG), to retain the current weekly household waste collection service and improve recycling services.

Ordering a brown bin

Order your garden waste bin nowOrder your garden waste bin now

You can also order a garden bin by calling 01274 431000.

If you do not order a brown garden waste bin you will not be able to have your garden waste collected.

What will be changing?

Brown bins will be introduced to replace the current green bags that you use to collect your garden waste.

The brown bin will make it easier to store and move around your garden waste. It will improve manual handling, loading and the overall efficiency of the garden waste service.

Once the new scheme has been introduced in your area we will be unable to collect garden waste unless it is in a brown garden waste bin.

When will the changes happen?

The scale and scope of the project means that it will take over two years to implement the changes. You will receive information about any changes being made in your area before the new service starts. You will be asked to order your new bin if you wish to participate.

What can I put in my garden waste brown bin?

Yes please!No thanks!
Grass cuttings SOIL, RUBBLE and STONE
LeavesPlant pots and seed trays

Twigs and small branches

(cut into small pieces)

Wire or plastic plant ties
Hedge clippingsGlass and metal
Garden plants and weedsCardboard, plastic and plastic bags
Food and kitchen waste
Dog and cat faeces
Pet bedding and straw

Garden waste bin frequently asked questions

Why change from green bags to a brown garden waste bin?

The new brown bin service will make it easier for you to store garden waste and present it at the kerbside. The bins will also reduce the lifting of heavy bags for both you and the collection crews.

I have a large garden, can I place extra garden waste at the side of the bin?

We will only collect garden waste that is in the brown garden waste bin. Please do not place extra waste at the side. If you have a large amount of biodegradable garden waste, you can take the excess to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre using your green bags.

Can I keep my green garden waste bags?

Yes, but they will not be emptied or replaced once the bins have been delivered in your area.

Can I have an extra garden waste bin?

At present we can only provide one brown garden waste bin per household. This may be reviewed at a later date. The new bins will hold the equivalent amount of waste as 3-5 of the current bags.

Or why not make your own compost.

Will my collection day change?

Your collection day will remain the same. Use the online date checker to see your collection dates.

What can I put in the bin?

The brown bin is for biodegradable garden waste only. Please check the "Yes please" and "No thanks" list above.

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