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Swimming Lessons - Bradford Aquatics

Bradford Aquatics Swim SchoolLearn to swim . . . it’s much more than just a sport!

Bradford Aquatics aims to encourage more adults and children in the district to take up swimming.

Getting the right course is key to success. Why not check out our wide range of courses, or, if you’re still not sure, just get in touch and speak to a member of the team.


Adult & Child Course - 0-3 years old

Build your child’s confidence in the water. An adult must accompany each child in the water.

Introduction to Swim Courses – 3-4 years old

Structured lessons where early stoke practices are used along with a range of games. An adult must accompany each child in the water.

Junior Courses – 5+ years old

Designed to help children develop into a confident swimmer with an emphasis on good progressive swimming techniques.

Adults Courses 16+ years old

Taught in a friendly welcoming environment designed to help adults learn to swim, overcome their fears and become happy confident swimmers. We also provide Intermediate and Advanced adult lessons for those who can swim but wish to improve their stroke techniques.

Single gender adult swimming lessons are also available.

Diving courses

A range of lessons for anyone who wish to progress their skills they have already developed or those who just want to try a new challenge.


Bradford Aquatics Swim School offers a variety of lesson packages to suit all people’s needs.

Deluxe Package

These are 1:1 or 1:2 lessons and consist of 5 half hour lessons for all ages and abilities.

Premium Package

10 half hour lessons and is currently available on the junior lessons.

Standard Package

This consists of 12 lessons of varying lengths, subject to the type of class enrolled on. The teacher will be on the poolside.

School Swimming

Over the past few years Bradford has made huge progress with the schools swimming programme.

Learn to swim – it’s a skill for life!

If you would like further information, please call 01274 438786
Or contact us by email on

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