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Leisure and Culture

Diving Development Scheme

Bradford Aquatics Swim SchoolBradford MDC Diving Scheme, which has been in operation since 1988, is run by a full time Diving Development Manager whom, with the support of an Assistant Coach and a small number of casual coaches, delivers a fully operational scheme that provides both Competitive and Recreational Diving. All Recreational Diving occurs within the Swimming Development Department of Bradford MDC.

The structure enables smooth progression through the scheme, allowing each Diver the opportunity to reach their full potential. Avenues into the scheme may include invitation from Holiday courses, Talent Identification Programmes, general enquiry, Flip ‘n’ Fun courses and others. If ‘Talent Spotted’ Divers will be invited to a group suitable to their skill level and begin progressions from this point onward.

City of Bradford Esprit Diving Club

In order for the Divers within the Diving Scheme to compete, they must become members of a Diving Club that is affiliated to the National Governing Body, for Diving this is the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA). The Divers must register, through the club, with both the regional ASA, for CO Bradford Esprit this is the North-East Region, and the National ASA. The registration fee is dependent on the level of competition that the Diver attends. Further to this, other club members include coaches, volunteers and officials wishing to be a part of Competitive Diving.

The club is heavily committed to raising funds that will further support Divers competing outside of the local area, and organising Development Competitions for Club Divers throughout the year. The club is organised by an enthusiastic committee, made up of dedicated volunteers, it is due to the support of these volunteers that the club is able to continue, therefore new faces and offers of support are welcome to the committee throughout the year.

People on a diving board


Shipley Pool

  • 1 x 1m dry-land springboard
  • 2 x 1m water springboards
  • 1 x 3m water springboard
  • 5m diving platform
  • 1 trampoline

Eccleshill Pool

  • 2x 1m boards
  • 1x 1m platform
  • 1 x 3m platform

Nabwood Sport Centre

  • 4 dryboards
  • 4 trampolines
  • 1 trampette run
  • multiple crash mats
  • weight training equipment
  • 2 x coaching blocks
  • 2 x overhead rigs
  • additional training equipment

Bradford have other swimming pools that can also run introductory diving lessons using the poolside with a minimum depth of 1.8m.

Diving Scheme contact details

Rebecca Lee, Assistant Coach, Diving: 01274 438787
Deborah Shires, Finance Administration Officer: 01274 438791

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