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Keighley - Community Chest and Area Committee Funding

Criteria for Applications

  1. Applications will only be considered from groups / organisations who either operate in, or benefit people who live in the Keighley Constituency area.
  2. Applications will be considered to assist community based leisure/cultural activities which will be of benefit to the community, and where the activity could not go ahead without financial assistance.
  3. Special consideration will be given to projects that target issues of deprivation and disadvantage.
  4. Projects working with children should clearly demonstrate that appropriate child protection measures have been taken.
  5. Bids from new groups or previously unfunded groups will be positively encouraged.
  6. Grants may be used to complement other sources of funding, e.g. New Opportunities Fund (lottery), Princes Trust, local sponsorship etc.

    Keighley Area Committee expects organisations to make every effort to be self-supporting, and will favour grants where other funding/fund raising has been secured.

  7. The maximum allocation from the Community Grant Aid Chest would not normally exceed £500.00 for any individual project. Projects which cross boundaries can be considered by a number of Area Committees, but the total grant will not normally exceed £500.00.
  8. Projects should not contravene Council Policy Guidelines in areas of equality of opportunity (i.e., no discrimination of membership on grounds of sex, race, religion, occupation or opinion).
  9. The organisation should be a non-profit making voluntary organisation where membership is open (i.e., no discrimination of membership on grounds of sex, race, religion, occupation or opinion).
  10. Grants will normally be, under broad and flexible guidelines, awarded on a on-off basis to cover capital or revenue expenditure.
  11. No group which has applied for and received funding in previous years should automatically assume that funding will continue to be available for the same project. Each application will be considered on its merits.
  12. Groups/organisations should normally expect only one grant per financial year.
  13. Community Chest cannot be used to fund religious or political activities, or capital expenditure exclusively connected with such activities.
  14. Community Chest is not normally used to enable fund-raising for a secondary body, unless the activities are also of direct benefit to the local community.

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