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Advice, Benefits and Council Tax

Report Fraud

You can report fraud by calling the Counter Fraud Hotline on 01274 437511 or

Report benefit fraud nowReport benefit fraud now

The Revenues and Benefits Service has a dedicated Counter Fraud team to investigate Housing and Council Tax related fraud.

Any information you give us is strictly confidential.

There are many types of Fraud such as not telling us about:

  • Working whilst in receipt of Benefit.
  • A partner living in the same household.
  • Everybody living in the property.
  • Any other income such as Private Pension, rental income, maintenance, etc (this can be for anyone in the household).
  • Property (e.g. second homes).
  • Savings/capital.
  • Leaving their property (non-residency).
  • Claiming rent for a property they own.
  • Identity Fraud (e.g. claiming under more than one name).
  • Landlord fraud (for example where the Landlord has Housing Benefit for a tenant that they know to be living elsewhere).
  • Contrived Tenancy (e.g. the tenant has responsibility for the landlord's child/children).

If you have any suspicions, let us know.

How do I report fraud?

You can report fraud now using the form above or by calling our Counter Fraud Hotline on 01274 437511.

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