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Photograph of Councillor Dale Smith

Annual Report May 2013 - May 2014

Name of Councillor: Dale Smith

Ward: Wharfedale

Party: Conservative

Date Elected: 1974

Next Election date: 2016

Allowances: 2013 - 2014

Basic: £13,108

Special Responsibility: £2,224

Other Council related Remuneration: None

Positions held (May 2013 - May 2014):
Corporate Parenting Panel
Shipley Area Committee

Other meetings/bodies which I regularly attend:
LEA appointed Governor of the following schools:
Allerton, Lister, Menston and Whetley Primary Schools
Immanuel College
Canterbury Nursery School
Co - Chairman of the Strategic Disability Partnership
Corporation Member of Bradford College

Proliferation of meetings in connection with and arising from Council responsibilities

Shipley Glen Tramway Director/Trustee - Chairman
Chairman and Director: Manor Coating Systems Ltd (formerly Shipley Paint Ltd)
Director Markport Ltd
Trustee and Director of Abbeyfield Ilkley
Director of Bradford Credit Union
Director of Imagination Library (Canterbury)
Member of various local organisations

My priorities for the past year (May 2013 - May 2014) were:
To exercise my responsibilities as a District Councillor diligently and reliably, asking the challenging question when appropriate but in a critically friendly manner for the well-being of the individual always conscious of the needs of the District. To discharge these duties, during the past year I have attended 694 meetings or functions (although at some I was not technically present as a councillor) but nevertheless I always try to maintain a consistent view and voice no matter which hat I might be wearing or whatever the occasion.

What I have achieved in the past year (May 2013 - May 2014):
1. Focussing attention upon the most vulnerable in society and trying to address their needs.

2. Hopefully maintaining my integrity whilst being respectful to others.

My priorities for the coming year (May 2014 - May 2015) will be:
As last year but with ever increasing intensity and tempo whilst the opportunity exists I will exercise my responsibilities as a District Councillor diligently and reliably, asking the challenging question when appropriate but in a critically friendly manner for the well-being of the individual always conscious of the needs of the District. I am driven by some success but more driven by the frustrations of having not succeeded. I will continue to put my head above the parapet!

Last year's targets still remain valid:

To resume a more normal way of life, but accelerate my efforts to build a better and fairer society.

For the District to continue to really prosper and succeed - so called Taboos must continue to be challenged.

We must discuss and debate aspects like Rights and Responsibilities.

All British Citizens have the same Right and Responsibilities, mine are no different to those newly admitted and theirs are now no different to mine.

If you live in the District then by all means maintain and cherish your mother tongue and value your heritage but communicate in English and be willing to participate and add to what is now your community's vibrancy.

Treat women with respect as equals - I personally believe that women will be the salvation not only of the District but ultimately of the whole world.

Respect differences - we are all somewhere on the same continuum, either by chance or choice.

Those who suffer by chance or genuine misfortune absolutely deserve our wholehearted and unstinting support.

Those there by their choice or actions need first our understanding - and then positive encouragement to enable them to make more appropriate choices and attain self-fulfilment.

There is a real debate to be had around Choice and Consequences!

Health is a priority for us all, for example:

We must learn lessons about genetic diversity, to understand and minimise the impact of relationships upon health, families and the children yet to be born.

Do not smoke.

If you drink alcohol - then do so in moderation.

Do not abuse drugs - being stoned is senseless.

Exercise to help maintain a sense of well-being, both in mind and body - I will try to heed my own advice on this.

I have been delighted to have retained the confidence of the Strategic Disability Partnership as its co-chair - a relationship and responsibility that I particularly treasure and I hope that there are signs of a brightening Dawn in fully accepting People as People, whatever our differences and challenges. I hope I continue to enjoy their support.

As a member of an Adoption Panel I marvel at the love and affection of our adopters and I am deeply concerned and perplexed at some of the circumstances of children coming into our care. For the sake of these children we must have policies and input actions for earlier interventions and preventions.

I have attended the following training sessions, seminars, briefings and conferences to develop skills and gain knowledge that will help me serve the people of the district:
Whilst I do attend training sessions, seminars, and meetings too numerous to mention I have a thirst for knowledge and an eagerness to learn. I have a habit of popping up unexpectedly across the District in my pursuit of networking. I continue to be disappointed if every day I do not learn that I have still more to learn and indeed I continually learn something daily.

I recognise that the answer I really need to know is to the question I did not even know to ask!

Safeguarding Children & Adults
Scrutiny Cafe

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